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A passion for flight and the world of helicopters: this is the concept behind Heli Fly, founded in Malta in 2016 in collaboration with the Italian group Eurotech-Ariane.
With Heli Fly, Malta and the surrounding areas will reveal their secrets to you: you can get up in the air over the Mediterranean and discover not only the beauty of Malta, but also Gozo – the island of Calypso, according to legend – and Comino, home to the famous Blue Lagoon, a natural bay with turquoise water and spectacular scenery.
But that’s not all: Heli Fly also offers convenient transfers allowing you to easily reach your hotel, the airport and many exclusive shopping destinations. You will be totally safe at all times with our pilots, who have years of experience transporting passengers by helicopter.
The jewel in the crown of Heli Fly is its flight school, the first in Malta: with our theoretical and practical course you can obtain not only a helicopter pilot’s license for private and commercial flights, but also an instructor’s qualification.


Helicopter services

Eurotech was founded in 1995 as a helicopter maintenance company certified under JAR-145 (now Part-145). In 1998, it relocated to a new headquarters in Caiolo (Lombardy) that now has 2,000 square meters of offices and hangars and a helipad of over 5,000 square meters equipped with an avgas and kerosene refueling system. Today, it employs more than 30 professionals and specialist technicians. With regard to its flight school, Eurotech is certified as an ATO and is authorized to issue several licenses including PPL, CPL and IR.
Above all, Ariane specializes in commercial air transport and special operations; the company is AOC-authorized pursuant to EU regulation 965-2012.
Thanks to its partnership with the Eurotech-Ariane group, Heli Fly founded a flight school in 2016 that allows students to obtain a pilot’s license for commercial and private helicopters; the school also offers training courses for instructors, flight instruments and much more.

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