About Welcome Center Malta

Find everything you need for a successful move to Malta, in one place. Welcome Center Malta’s main objective is to facilitate expats’, businesses’ and students’ relocation to the Maltese Islands. On the platform one can find all the relevant information required to create unique and memorable experiences on the island. In addition to that, having ample experience and local knowledge, allows them to connect the audience with the most reputable suppliers on the Maltese Islands.

The website’s main categories are news, living in Malta, business in Malta, lifestyle and luxury services available.

In the news section, you can keep up to date with what’s happening on the island, living and business news. Welcome Center Malta strives to ensure to provide credible and informational news articles, keeping you aware of the latest trends.

Living in Malta? Whether you need to apply for a bank account, explore the top educational institutions on the island or find your dream job. Last but not least you will find the best tips for a successful and stress-free relocation.

The business category focuses on all the necessary requirements to register and open a business in Malta. Furthermore, it explores all the types of legal formats and other corporate services such as relocation, banking and investing.

The lifestyle section is perhaps the most exciting one! Get to experience the top hot spots in Malta and best locations that are a must see when visiting the islands. In addition, you can find upcoming events, culture, history, sports and diving.

Spoil yourself with the most exclusive services, you deserve it. The final category focuses on providing its visitors with the most luxurious services offered by the highest ranked service providers on the island.

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